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Bare Bones 25: Interrogation



ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thursday, November 29, at 8pm

Bare Bones 25: Interrogation will be presented at Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville, MA 02144

Suggested Donation $5 - General Admission - No reservations required


About the Show

Written by Mohammad Rahmanian

translated by Soheil Parsa

Directed by Nikta Sabouri

Interrogation is a play in two parts written by the prominent contemporary Iranian playwright, Mohammad Rahmanian. The play is about two young Algerians—a boy, Naeem, and a woman, Safiya—who have lived through and participated in the anti-colonial revolution in their country. The revolution ends in victory, but when the party is over these two characters have to expound upon their horrific actions and deal with their deranged lives.



Naeem/Voice .... Lou Lim
Safiya/Voice .... Alyson Fainbarg


Additional Information

About the Director

Nikta Sabouri has finished her B.A. in Theatre-Directing in Tehran University in Iran and her M.A in Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy in University of Ottawa in Canada. The focus of her Master's thesis was on intercultural Theater, and she directed an excerpt from the medieval play The Mystery of the Passion by Arnoul Gréban and explored the results of staging the medieval French mystery play using elements borrowed from the aesthetics of Ta'zieh, a traditional Iranian form of theatre. Nikta has directed more than ten plays and participated in multiple productions as assistant director, actress, and stage manager in Iran, Canada and the U.S.


Bare Bones: Staged Readings at Theatre@First offers directors, casts and audiences the chance to explore a wide variety of plays in a spare, intense setting.



Director ..... Nikta Sabouri
Bare Bones Program Director ..... Jess Viator