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A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of Metamorphoses

Our production of Metamorphoses got rolling at the first reading of the script. The cast and crew had a chance to meet each other for the first time and begin to get a sense of the world of the show that we will build together over the next several months.

Reading through the script gave both actors and crew the opportunity to get a feel for the shape and rhythms of the show, so that we can move forward on the same page.

Photo from first read-through

Our set and lighting designer, Jo Guthrie, shared her concept drawings and explained the motifs and functionality of the set and some of the exciting lighting effects she is working on with our Technical Director, Kay Coughlin.

Sketch of stage
Sketch of stage
Sketch of stage

Check out a tiny preview of what's in store and meet some of the members of our outstanding crew in this video.

Watching the first steps of rehearsals is an exciting moment and we're glad to be able to welcome you inside the process!

Click here to see what the cast and crew have to say about the show!