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Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Metamorphoses

We asked the cast and crew of Metamorphoses why they wanted to be part of this show, what they find challenging, and what they’re excited to share with the audience.

Kay Coughlin (Technical Director)
I love working with Elizabeth and really respect her artistic sense. When she first asked me to join this team she was SO excited about the script, it was simply infectious.

Katrina DeFrancesco (Social Media Coordinator)
I'm excited about all of the sneak previews and fun new thing we're trying on social to engage with our fans!

Kelly Gainor (Hair & Makeup Design)
It's an amazing piece of work, but also is a pretty big, exciting project. I knew it would have its own set of challenges and will help me grow as an artist. I also thought it would allow me to be a bit more creative with my art- not just contour, and rouge!

Shazza Gilbert (Props Manager)
It takes us on a journey to many places that love can lead us.

Shelley MacAskill (Stage Manager)
I love Greek and Roman mythology. I started reading it for a school project when I was 10 and got hooked and kept reading it for fun. I also studied Latin in high school, and took several Classics courses in college. So when Elizabeth mentioned wanting to direct this play, my hand shot up.

Neil Marsh (Sound Designer)
I've done sound design for virtually every show Elizabeth Hunter has directed with T@F. She's terrific to work with and she always brings me something challenging. She began talking about Metamorphoses almost a year ago and, as usual, I got caught up in her enthusiasm. Plus I'm a sucker for Greek mythology.

Tegan Sutherland (Costume Designer)
I’m learning what to delegate, and how, and how effective subtle, small changes can be.

Laurie Brackett
This is a beautifully written play and the words are chosen carefully. There's a lot of attention given to the production as well, so I think audiences are in for a treat. As for Theatre@First, they are a wonderful group. They are a true community theater in that they welcome everyone, teach anyone who wants to learn and hope to instill the joy of theater with those involved in productions as well as the audience.

Sara Burd
Alycone is a tremendous role; she is wholly in love and wrecked by her loss completely and transformed still. I always enjoy the challenge and rawness required by these types of emotional journeys and hope to offer the audience an authentic and intimate experience.

Chelsea d’Aprile
I am really interested in telling a story through movement and it seemed that this piece allowed for a lot of exploration of movement, along with language, to share these Greek myths with an audience. I wanted to be a part of something beautiful and powerful and moving, and I now I get to be!

Molly Eskridge
My characters are different enough that they help each other stand alone; and in observing their differences (and the differences of other characters), it forces me to look at the throughlines in the play to see how they are all different but not disconnected.

Rebecca Greene
My time working on this show thus far has taught me, again, how important it is to have theatre of this kind in my life, and how rewarding it can be to work with a dedicated group of people all collaborating to tell a vital story. I've also learned a lot from our director and movement choreographer, and am fascinated by the way they work together to shape moments in each scene.

Alev Gustafson
It's interesting being one of the younger members involved in a production. Getting the chance to observe and work with my fellow cast and crew members who have been doing this for much longer than me is a great experience.

Mike James
I love acting, Greek mythology and working with Elizabeth Hunter. I enjoy the challenge of playing various roles within the same show. The characters are distinctly different which helps. We have a really great ensemble and I can't wait to show the audience how the whole piece comes together.

Christian Krenek
I've learned about the importance of silence; I've honestly started using the meditation techniques (visualization and allowing stillness into our bodies) we use at the beginning of rehearsals in everyday life. I've also learned practical skills, such as how to successfully carry someone cradle-style offstage. But most of all, I've learned that theatre is at its best when it goes back to its core--a bunch of people having fun while telling stories.

Andy Lebrun
It's an excellent group of people to work with. We call it "working" on a show, but this is my time to play. I'm learning to get more comfortable with silence on stage--there's more focus one the movements than the words. I always enjoy when actors get to play multiple roles in one show. ...And it's near my house.

Jason Merrill
The magic of how Zimmerman weaves these stories into such a powerful experience. I've had the chance to see three productions of it and was excited to be part of it. Finding ways to make the characters different for the audience is a fun exercise. I especially enjoy playing Orpheus--I can really relate to the urge to over-think what ought to be straightforward.

Liz Salazar
The Greek pantheon was my first mythological love that eventually turned into an undergrad Classics minor (with a focus on Myth Studies). It rather helps that Greek mythology has been so pervasive in our culture, right up through the modern day. My most recent shows have been audio dramas, and before that were musical comedies, so this is really the first fully-staged drama I've been a part of.

Sumit Sharma
This is my first time working with T@F and on my second rehearsal day, I felt I have known everyone for a while. It was an instant connection. Also, I love the way our director Elizabeth approach each character. She gives you so much freedom to work on your character and find a way that works the best for each actor.