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A Midsummer Night's Dream logo


A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

directed by Hatem Adell

A Midsummer Night's Dream is Shakespeare's "sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll" play. Two young couples run away into the woods of Athens and encounter the fairy kingdom. Wacky, magical, mischief and love triangles abound in this canonical work. This site-specific, outdoor production will focus on early modern practices and take place in the days surrounding the summer solstice 2018.

About the director: Hatem Adell is a Venezuelan/Lebanese director, translator, and the founding artistic director of The Mayor's Players. He is thrilled to return to Theatre@First with more Shakespeare, previous directing credits include: Love's Labour's Lost (in Space) and The Zoo Story [Theatre@First], Macbeth [It's A Fiasco], Incident at Vichy [Praxis], J.A.S.O.N. [Office of War Information].


Nathan Tufts Park, Powderhouse Square, Somerville.
General parking is available on College Ave. Please read signs carefully to avoid ticketing.


Performance Schedule

Thursday   June 14, 2018   7 pm
Friday   June 15, 2018   7 pm
Saturday   June 16, 2018   3 pm and 7 pm
Sunday   June 17, 2018   3 pm
Thursday   June 21, 2018   7 pm
Friday   June 22, 2018   7 pm
Saturday   June 23, 2018   3 pm and 7 pm
Sunday   June 24, 2018   3 pm
Thursday   June 28, 2018   7 pm
Friday   June 29, 2018   7 pm
Saturday   June 30, 2018   3 pm and 7 pm
Sunday   July 1, 2018   3 pm



Theseus     Dominic Berger
Hypolita     Julia Kennedy
Egeus     Rob Noyes
Philostrate/Fairy 1     Ted Overholt
Hermia     Luz Lopez
Helena     Emma Walker
Lysander     Darren Cornell
Demetrius     Mack Carroll
Quince     Sarah Brinks
Bottom     Kevin Paquette
Flute     Christian Krenek
Starveling     Katie Meyers
Snout     Ravenna Thielstrom
Snug     Kadian Crawford
Titania     Leslie Drescher
Oberon     Ari Herbstman
Puck     Lucas Brooks
Peaceblossom     Kelsey Ferdinand
Cobweb     Sarah Hesseltine
Mustardseed     Chantelle Marshall
Moth     Jamie Lin


Production Team

Producer       Morganna Becker
Director       Hatem Adell
Technical Director       Kay Coughlin
Stage Manager       Meg Boeni
Music Director       David Kurimsky
Costume Designer       Jenn Benfield
Props Manager/Rehearsal Assistant       Rose Cross
Social Media Coordinator       Vickie Wu
Publicity Director       Stephanie Haddad
Publicity Lead       Shelley MacAskill
Graphic Designer       Gilly Rosenthol


If you are interested in joining the Production Team, or becoming a House Volunteer, please email us!