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About the Show

Performance Info: Performances will take place at Unity Somerville in Davis Square over two weekends in March 2018.

About the Play: R.U.R. is the classic Czech sci-fi play by Karel Čapek that coined the term "robots." Translated into English by David Wyllie and re-conceived for a modern audience by Mary Parker, our version explores the same themes of humanity, love, the value of work, and the dangers of oppression as the original, while re-imagining the more problematic aspects of a play that is almost 100 years old and very much of its time.

On a remote, secure island, Rossum's Universal Robots churns out a cheap, disposable workforce. Rossum's robots are strong, intelligent, and versatile, and more definitely not human. What could go wrong?


General Audition Information

Auditions: Monday, December 11 & Tuesday, December 12, by appointment only (slots at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm). Callbacks (if needed) will be on Wednesday December 13.

Please read all the details on the audition information sheet, and fill in the webform at the bottom of this page to make an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

If you have additional questions, need to cancel your appointment, or the webform doesn't work for you, please email


Character List

Human Characters:

HARRIET DOMIN (female, older): Director General, Rossum’s Universal Robots. Confident, verging on arrogant. Passionate about her work. In love with Helena.

FABRY (male or female, older): Technical Director, R.U.R., taken off guard by the robots' evolution.

DR. GALL (male or female, older): Head of Physiology and Research Department, R.U.R. Takes a researcher's view of the robots, but does not believe in their consciousness until it is too late. In love with Helena.

DR. HALLEMEIER (male or female, older): Head of Institute for Robot Psychology and Behaviour, R.U.R. Loud, arrogant, denies the truth about the robots until the end.

BUSMAN (male or female, older): Commercial Director, R.U.R. One of the first to accept what is happening with the robots, and tries to bargain with them.

ALQUIST (male or female, older): Head of Construction, R.U.R. Somewhat religious, resigned to the human's fate, blames him/herself and the other scientists for the robot revolution.

HELENA GLORY (female, young): Idealistic, romantic, empathetic, impulsive. In love with Harriet.

Robot Characters:

MARIUS (male or female): Philosophical, in the end.

SULLA (female): Intelligent, has emerging emotional responses to Robot Primus.

RADIUS (male or female): The leader. Vindictive.

ROBOT PRIMUS (male): Romantic, develops feelings for Sulla.

ROBOT SECUNDUS (male or female): A follower, but self-sacrificing.


Audition Reservation Form

Preferred Timeslot
Monday, December 11, 7pm Full!
Monday, December 11, 8pm
Monday, December 11, 9pm
Tuesday, December 12, 7pm Full!
Tuesday, December 12, 8pm Full!
Tuesday, December 12, 9pm
Second Choice
Monday, December 11, 7pm Full!
Monday, December 11, 8pm
Monday, December 11, 9pm
Tuesday, December 12, 7pm Full!
Tuesday, December 12, 8pm Full!
Tuesday, December 12, 9pm

NOTE: Some people have been receiving errors when sending their forms. If your form is rejected, please send an e-mail to and include your information. If possible, please cut and paste the error message as well so we can use it to isolate the problem. Thank you.