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She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters

About the Show

Performance Info: Performances will take place at Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville.

About the Play: She Kills Monsters is the story of Agnes and her quest to come to terms with the death of her younger sister Tilly by playing the D&D adventure she left behind. It's a show with monsters, kick-ass fights, romance, and a little family bonding. Join us for a celebration of all things geeky!


General Audition Information

Auditions: Monday, August 20 & Tuesday, August 21, by appointment only (slots at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm).

Please read all the details on the audition information sheet, and fill in the webform at the bottom of this page to make an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

If you have additional questions, need to cancel your appointment, or the webform doesn't work for you, please email


Character List

Agnes: A young woman in her mid-20's who's been leading a pretty uneventful life until losing the rest of her family a couple years ago. Teaches at the local high school.

Tilly: Agnes's younger sister. Tilly was (to Agnes anyway) a geeky little teenage nerd. In the world of D&D, Tilly is Tillius the Paladin, a brave warrior and defender of the helpless.

Chuck: A teenage gamer geek living the dream because he works at the local game store. A little insecure because of his size.

Miles: Agnes's fiance. He loves Agnes and has a good heart, but he's also a little bland and not quite prepared for Agnes's dive into D&D.

Kaliope/Kelly: Kaliope is a member of Tilly's D&D party, a dark elf with lethal agility. In the real world, she is Kelly, Ronnie's younger sister who lives with MS and gets around on crutches. Since Kelly has MS, we're hoping to find someone from the disabled community to portray her. Please see our Accessibility Notes for more information.

Lilith/Lily: Lilith is a member of Tilly's D&D party, a she-demon from hell and Tillius's girlfriend. In the real world, she is Lily, a girl Tilly was hoping would be her girlfriend.

Orcus/Ronnie: Orcus is (or rather was) one of the eternal bad guys in the world of D&D. Now he just wants to sit on his throne and watch TV. In the real world, he is Ronnie, Kelly's older brother who sits on the couch and watches TV all day.

Evil Gabi: An evil succubus who torments Tilly in D&D and a cheerleader who tormented Tilly in the real world.

Evil Tina: Another evil succubus who torments Tilly in D&D and a cheerleader who tormented Tilly in the real world.

Farrah the Faerie/Narrator: Farrah is one of the level bosses in Tilly's D&D game. As the Narrator, she provides a lot of helpful exposition.

Vera: Agnes's co-worker and confidant. Vera is the high school guidance counselor who's seen everything and can't be bothered with the petty emergencies of teenagers anymore.

Steve: In the real world, Steve is a nerd's nerd. In the D&D world Steve dies...a lot.

Monster Crew

You cant be a hero without a monster to fight. We need several people to serve as our various monsters. Sometimes you'll be wearing costume pieces, sometimes you'll be piloting a puppet, but you'll always be in the action scenes menacing our heroes and making them look good. It's a great opportunity to learn a few new theatrical skills and we hope you'll consider signing up for Team Evil when coming to auditions.

A Seat at the Gaming Table

We strongly encourage actors of color to try out for roles in She Kills Monsters. One of the central themes in Qui Nguyen's script is how fantasy gaming and other geeky pursuits aren't just the domain of bespectacled white guys with bad hygiene, but appeal to a broad range of people. Tilly is a queer teenaged girl, but she forges a real community with her fellow gamers, most of whom don’t fit the traditional "geeky white guy" mold in one way or another. Together they create a space for themselves to tell the stories they want to hear.

Geek culture has made some significant shifts in the past few decades, but it still has trouble with diversity. Despite bad or even horrible interactions, people of color still enjoy and contribute to gaming culture because, at its best, gaming lets them create a space to tell the stories they want to hear. Gaming and theatre often overlap in this way—providing a space for otherwise unheard voices to have their say—and we want the show's cast to reflect that.

Accessibility Notes

From our Mission Statement: We welcome volunteers at all levels of experience, without regard to race, color, religion, ethnicity, ancestry, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, national origin, body type, age or disability. We encourage a supportive environment in which to work, play, grow, and explore new areas of the theatre arts.

One of the characters in the show is Kelly. In the game world of D&D, Kelly is Kaliope, a deadly elven warrior. In the "real world" of the show, Kelly is a teenage girl dealing with MS. We'd very much like to have a member of the disabled community play the role of Kelly/Kaliope.

We are happy to consider any one for any part, but we particularly want to make sure we can cast Kelly/Kaliope in this way. If there's another part you're interested in, please come try out.

What the role requires: In the show, Kelly gets around on crutches, but as Kaliope, she doesn't use crutches and participates in most of the fight scenes with the rest of the heroes. So we do need someone who can deal with the physical requirements. There won't be any heavy lifting required, but there will be a lot of vigorous movement during the fight scenes, and Kaliope will be employing her staff in those fights.

Our Limitations: Unfortunately, we're a community theater group with meager resources, and we're not as capable at making accommodations as we'd like to be. The primary limitation is that our main audition/rehearsal/performance space (Unity Church in Somerville) is not wheelchair accessible. Our space is in the church basement and can only be reached by stairs. Further, the stage itself and the green room are only reached by stairs, and moving wheelchairs in and out of the space is rather difficult. Our other major limitation is that we don't have an ASL interpreter (though we are happy to cast someone who is hard of hearing).

What we can do: Within our limitations, we will try and make every reasonable accommodation we can to help ensure everyone who wants to be in this show can try out on an even footing and, if cast, help ensure they are successful in their role. The best way to make that happen is to get in touch with us and let us know what kind of assistance you need at auditions, rehearsals and performances. Please send us an email at and let us know what we can do to help.


Audition Reservation Form

Preferred Timeslot
Monday, August 20, 7pm Full!
Monday, August 20, 8pm Full!
Monday, August 20, 9pm Full!
Monday, August 20, 10pm
Tuesday, August 21, 7pm Full!
Tuesday, August 21, 8pm
Tuesday, August 21, 9pm
Second Choice
Monday, August 20, 7pm Full!
Monday, August 20, 8pm Full!
Monday, August 20, 9pm Full!
Monday, August 20, 10pm
Tuesday, August 21, 7pm Full!
Tuesday, August 21, 8pm
Tuesday, August 21, 9pm

NOTE: Some people have been receiving errors when sending their forms. If your form is rejected, please send an e-mail to and include your information. If possible, please cut and paste the error message as well so we can use it to isolate the problem. Thank you.