Reviews and Interviews

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03-18-2019 — Apply Anointment Directly to Area: 'Burning'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

03-12-2019 — Malden's Evelyne Cardella to star in modernized take on ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’WickedLocal Malden (archive)

03-11-2019 — Waltham resident to star in 'Burning' production in SomervilleWickedLocal Waltham (archive)

08-01-2016 — The Kugel is Your Destiny: 'You're Killing Me Already!'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

01-06-2016 — 2015 Best Supporting Actress in a Play Nominee: J. Deschene as Lady Bracknell in Theatre@First's "The Importance of Being Earnest"ArtsImpulse (archive)

03-11-2015 — Theatre@First: A Nurturing Arts Organization in the heart of SomervilleThe Somerville Times (archive)

03-04-2015 — Theater@First cleverly presents Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap'The Somerville Times (archive)

03-03-2015 — There Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Dame: 'The Mousetrap'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

2015 — All-Volunteer Theatre Enriches Somerville Arts Scene: Featuring (archive)

08-25-2014 — Banish John Falstaff: 'Henry the 4th'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

04-06-2014 — Don't Hate The Player: 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

03-23-2014 — Theatre@First to perform ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’The Somerville Times (archive)

01-28-2014 — Older Than Most College Students and Still Relevant: 'Top Girls'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

10-20-2013 — Production gets at the heart of bullying — The Boston Globe (archive)

06-25-2013 — Sometimes A Snuggle is Just A Snuggle: 'The Baltimore Waltz'The New England Theatre Geek (archive)

03-18-2013 — 'Lysistrata': Adorably FilthyThe New England Theatre Geek (archive)

09-18-2012 —Theatre@First’s Bent Delights and ShocksMy Entertainment World (archive)

09-14-2012 — Bent, Not BrokenThe New England Theatre Geek (archive)

04-02-2012 — Theatre@First Does "Pride and Prejudice"ArtsImpulse (archive)

03-23-2012 — Pride and Prejudice: Stage Proves a Better Home for the Classic Satire Than FilmThe New England Theatre Geek (archive)

03-22-2012 — Theatre@First's Upcoming Pride and Prejudice AdaptationThe Somerville Times (archive)

10-02-2011 — The Play's The Thing! Community Theater Is Alive And WellThe Wheatley Chronicle (archive)

07-15-2011 — Theatre@First Intimately Stages “Equus” in SomervilleArtsImpulse (archive)

06-02-2011 — Theatre@First performs ‘Equus’The Somerville Times (archive)

02-24-2010 — Dracula Comes to SomervilleThe Somerville Times (archive)

03-03-2004 — All the community's a stage for new theatre group — The Somerville Times (archive)