Theatre@First is an all-volunteer community theatre based in Somerville, MA. Founded in 2003, we fill a vital niche in the vibrant Davis Square arts scene. We draw upon the talents and support of individuals and organizations throughout the community to provide opportunities for our participants and audiences to experience quality live theatre in a variety of local venues.

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Theatre@First rehearses and performs on land of the Pawtucket and Massachusett tribal nations. To read our full acknowledgment of the living truth of this land and its people, and to find more resources, please visit our Land Acknowledgment page.

What's On

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Upcoming Shows


Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, King Duncan’s fiercest and ablest soldier, has spent his life in loyal service to his king, facing the horrors of war in countless battles to protect Duncan and his throne. After three mysterious voices tell Macbeth he will be king himself, he is driven by forces internal and external to use the only tactic he knows–violence–to achieve his ends. Betraying all those closest to him, his delusions carry him to his ultimate fate at Birnam Wood in Shakespeare's infamous "Scottish play."

Performances: November 4-12, 2022

Double Bill

Double Bill is a meta-Shakespeare showcase of short scenes, in two parts. We are looking for a diverse cast of 10-12 actors to devise and perform new material collaboratively.

Performances: May 12-28, 2023

Change at Theatre@First

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Theatre@First is committed to creating anti-racist theatre and community. Please visit our new Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Section to explore the work of our Anti-Racist Change Committee (ARCC) and the policies and tools adopted by our Steering Committee to move our theatre community toward that goal.

Season Planning

Each Theatre@First production begins as someone's dream. Starting this year, Theatre@First will be selecting our entire 2022-23 season of mainstage productions through one application and interview process for directors with shows to propose. By planning each season as a whole, we look to remove barriers to participation, welcome new directors into our organization more smoothly, and to increase the diversity of both our directing bench and the voices we feature in our work.

Recent Press

The Somerville Journal wrote about what Theatre@First has been up to during COVID.

Our Mission

The mission of Theatre@First is to work together to provide a fun, friendly, and creative theatre experience for cast, crew, and audience alike. We welcome volunteers at all levels, without regard to race, color, religion, ethnicity, ancestry, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, national origin, body type, age or disability. We encourage a supportive environment in which to work, play, grow, and explore new areas of the theatre arts. We offer affordable and eclectic performances to the community, aiming to surprise, delight, entertain, and educate our audiences.

Please visit our Subscription/Contribution page for more information about donating to Theatre@First. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Thank you.