All the World's a Stage

All the World's a Stage

All the World’s a Stage is a new monthly discussion group of works by BIPOC playwrights, both American and international, contemporary and historical. The goal is to broaden readers’ horizons beyond the largely white American- and European-centric theater we’ve seen and read our entire lives. While our meetings will involve typical book club discussions of favorite characters, plot elements we liked or didn't, etc., we will also talk about elements of race, ethnicity, religion, and culture in the story.

This Month

We are on hiatus for the summer! We will return this fall--please sign up to stay informed of when we return.

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Orchids in the Moonlight

Sizwe Bansi is Dead

The Black Eyed




Milk Like Sugar

molly has her say

Intimate Apparel


Carlos Fuentes

A. Fugard, J. Kani, and W. Ntshona

Betty Shamieh

Qui Nguyen

Danai Gurira

Lauren Yee

Kirsten Greenidge

Margaret Bruchac

Lynn Nottage