Introduction to
Anti-Racism Learning

In 2021, a group of Theatre@First leaders engaged in a six-month process of Anti-Racism Learning. As a result of that initiative, we committed to requiring our leadership to continue this journey through annual training requirements. We encourage everyone to check out the materials found here and if you would like to participate further in this process, please email us.

Required Participation

All Theatre@First mainstage directors and Steering Committee officers are required to participate in an Anti-Racism Learning Process each year by:

  • engaging with the Introduction to Anti-Racism Learning materials (approximately 90 minutes of reading and video) on your own time and

  • demonstrating that you have fulfilled this commitment by either:

        • attending an online discussion session with the other members of this year's cohort, OR

        • filling out the Anti-Racism Reflection Form below

Anyone is welcome to participate in this process. If you would like to attend the online discussion, please email us. The curriculum will be updated and adjusted annually to keep up to date with new developments and understanding and to enrich the ongoing anti-racism conversation at Theatre@First.