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Show Title

by Famous Playwright

directed by Local Director

Show Title, <insert blurb about the show>

Audition Dates

  • Monday, May 20, 7-10pm
  • Tuesday, May 21, 7-10pm

General Audition Info

Auditions will consist of cold scene readings. You should review all the audition sides, as you may be asked to read any of them during your audition and you may not have time for further review at that point. Copies will be provided. If there is a side you would especially like to read, please note that on your audition form and we will try to accommodate your request.

Audition Materials: Character descriptions and audition information (including sides) are provided in advance. If you have trouble accessing these files, please email and we will send them to you.

Audition Info and character descriptions

Audition Sides (scenes and monologues)

Please fill out the audition form in advance and send a copy to or bring to your audition. If you are unable to fill out an audition form in advance, copies will be available at auditions. Please make sure to bring your personal calendar to indicate conflicts on our schedule.

Performance dates are September 13–15 and 19–22.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please fill in the form below to make an appointment. Be prepared to stay for the full hour of your time slot.

Audition Location: Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville – just up College Ave. from the Davis Square T stop.

The audition space is not wheelchair-accessible.

Parking on William St is by permit only. General parking is available on College Ave. Please read signs carefully to avoid ticketing.