FirstWorks: Covenant

Audition Information

FirstWorks: Covenant

by John Minigan

directed by Jamie Lin

FirstWorks is Theatre@First's workshop program for new plays. Actors will participate in this process by offering feedback to the playwright and performing the resulting version of the script in a staged reading.

In Covenant, Justice Department agent Jordan's undercover assignment in an apocalyptic religious group has ended in death and disaster, bringing new scandal for the department. As she faces interrogation by an unseen investigator trying to discover where things went wrong, scenes from her time in the group replay, and Jordan must confront not only her work, but also the destructive nature of belief itself - including her own.

Audition Dates

  • Monday, April 19, 7-10pm

  • Tuesday, April 20, 7-10pm

General Audition Info

Auditions will take place over Zoom. Actors will be grouped in slots within your chosen audition hour and will read sides from the play. You should review all the audition sides, as you may be asked to read any of them during your audition and you may not have time for further review at that point.

Casting: All roles are open. Theatre@First is committed to casting in identity-conscious ways. Actors of any gender will be considered for each role. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, gender presentation, or disability in casting. All auditioners will be given equal opportunity.

If you cannot make auditions or require additional accommodations, please let us know in the accommodations question.

Performance date is June 18 at 8pm, via Zoom.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please fill in the form below to make an appointment. Be prepared to stay for the full hour of your time slot. A Zoom link will be provided before your audition.


Pronouns are provided for each character as they present themselves within the play, but actors of any gender will be considered for each role.
Save for Creed, actors of all races will be considered.

JORDAN: She / her. 30s. Any race or ethnicity.
A federal agent with an exceptional ability to persuade. Wants to do the right thing.

CREED: He / him. 30s. White.
The charismatic leader of The Covenant. Difficult to read. Can double with VOICE.

RACHAEL: She / her. 15*. Any race or ethnicity.
A bride of Creed. Gifted. Committed to The Covenant. May be in over her head.
* Seeking an adult actor who could believably portray a teenager.

ELEANOR: She / her. 50s. Any race or ethnicity.
A member of The Covenant. World-wise, amicable, may yet have her own motives.

VOICE: Any gender. Any age. Any race or ethnicity
A questioner. Never seen. Authoritative. If male-identifying, can double with CREED.