Festival@First 10: Heroes and Villains

directed by Stephanie Haddad


Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 8pm

Friday, August 17, 2018 at 8pm

Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 8pm

Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 8pm

Friday, August 24, 2018 at 8pm

Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 3pm (matinee!)


Heroes and Villains was presented at Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville.

The performance space is not wheelchair-accessible.

Parking on William St is by permit only. General parking is available on College Ave. Please read signs carefully to avoid ticketing.

Gyros of Olympus

by Michael Lin

directed by Mack Carroll

Hera, owner of the Gyros of Olympus restaurant, and her step-son Hercules are visited one day by Helen and her mother Leda. A conversation about dating and lovers takes a strange turn when Leda mentions her weirdly affectionate swan. Hera makes a quick trip to the lake and returns with lunch's special menu item wrapped in a burlap sack.





Mary Parker

Adam Schofield-Bodt

Elizabeth Leonard

Katie Armstrong

Heroic Deeds

by Naomi Hinchen

directed by Renée Walsh

In which a would-be warrior hero wants to start her career by killing a witch, and a witch just wants to get this batch of muffins done.


Warrior Hero

Nicole Viau

Meg Boeni

Future Girl Visits Barbie's Mom

by Ellen Davis Sullivan

directed by Deidre Purcell

When a girl from the future visits her hero, Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, she's looking for help she believes only Ruth can give. Ruth is skeptical of the girl's story and doesn't believe she can do anything for her, but in the end each of them is deeply affected by their encounter.

Future Girl

Ruth Handler

Ela Dugan

Robin Abrahams

The Interview

by Carlton Powers

directed by Santiago Rivas

The applicant seeks a job with an unusual organization. All is not as it seems.




Tomo Lazovich

Anjie Parker

Mary Parker

If You Could Go Back...

by Arthur M. Jolly

directed by Stephanie Haddad

When a geeky guy invents a time travel machine to go back and kill Adolf Hitler, his future roommate uses it to try and stop the would-be assassin in a comedic look at the cycle of violence.




Andy Lebrun

Katelyn Tustin

Richie DeJesus

The Maltese Walter

by John Minigan

directed by Jess Viator

On the eve of his wedding day, mild-mannered accountant and sometimes superhero Walter visits therapist Dr. Eddy with a big problem: Walter's fiancée refuses to marry him unless he gives up his superpower and secret identity: Noir-Man, able to transform any moment into film noir. When fiancée Vera arrives, she and Dr. Eddy convince Walter to "go straight," but the therapy takes a dark and unexpected turn.


Dr. Eddy


Richie DeJesus

Adam Schofield-Bodt

Leslie Drescher

A Conversation With Shadows

by Fred Norton

directed by Ryan Walsh

The trouble with invincibility is that it removes consequence and without consequence there are no stakes. How can any world accept an individual for whom no consequences exist?

The Gadgeteer


Keegan Hannon

Bradley Starr

Alexander the Great

by James C. Ferguson

directed by Mary Ferrara

How much territory does one man really need to conquer, anyway?





Tomo Lazovich

Jim Muzzi

Andy Lebrun

Suzy Cosgrove

Beatrix Potter Must Die!

by Patrick Gabridge

directed by Sue Downing

A desperate American farmer travels back in time for an unusual solution to his plague of rabbits. He decides to kill Beatrix Potter, before she can publish her famous Peter Rabbit books (which makes everyone think rabbits are cute). But Beatrix is no pushover, and things don't go quite as farmer MacGregor plans.

Sam McGregor

Beatrix Potter

Srihas Sampath

Elizabeth Leonard


by Scott Mullen

directed by Ben Cordes

Wendy confronts Quinn on a park bench; it turns out that both have secret super powers, and had a previous altercation involving a cow Wendy tried to stop Quinn from flying away with. But as they talk, they discover common ground.



Kathy Bedard

Shannon Keane

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