Giving@First 2021

Six short plays were written, rehearsed, and performed within just 24 hours! It was a unique opportunity for our troupe to show off their abilities under pressure, and a unique opportunity to give to a good cause and enjoy a night of truly original theatre.

All proceeds collected at this event will be given to the Rainbow Railroad foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing freedom and safety to LGBTQI individuals in their own countries. While striving toward this goal, Rainbow Railroad focuses on providing solutions for those in need of immediate assistance who are facing a serious threat to their life and safety. Please join us in supporting this organization. Your contribution could change the lives of LGBTQI people in need.

Donations can be made to the Theatre@First Paypal account. All donations received with the note RAINBOW RAILROAD at checkout will be given directly to Rainbow Railroad.


ONE NIGHT ONLY! Saturday, February 20, 2021, at 8pm

A recording is available on our YouTube channel!

All proceeds from the evening ($1,854) went to Rainbow Railroad.

Stars in Their Eyes

by J. Deschene

directed by Deidre Purcell


Evabren Mabhall

Catherine Bromberg

Erika Hapke

Friendly Neighborhood Puppets

by Tofer Carlson

directed by Elizabeth Ross

Big Monster
Martian B

Vampire Monster
Alphabet Dude
Martian A

Small Monster

Theresa Griffin

Jackie Freyman

Zuri Terrell

Concerned Hobbits

by Maggie French

directed by Steven R. Owens



Katie DiMarca

Kathy Bedard

The Trouble with Spot

by Jamie Lin

directed by Shelley MacAskill

Dr. May Radcliffe

Lt. Davis Jones

Ensign Sasha Chase

Sylvia Nicol

Andy Lebrun

Alice Merrill Hunter

Insurance File #61193: Jurassic Park

by Naomi Hinchen

directed by Santiago Rivas



Ben Cordes

Jasmine Hall

Obsession, Inertia, & a Shameful Joy

by Fred Norton

directed by Trevor St. Pierre




Andrew Harrington

Jason Merrill

Kat Buckingham

Production Team

Festival Director


Stage Manager

Sound Design

Mike Haddad

Stephanie Haddad

Sam Moniz

Delphine Kaiser