Never After

written and composed by Colleen Campbell

directed by Elizabeth Hunter

music directed by Thom Whittemore

Never After is the story of Princess Lesley Ann, destined by a conniving fairy to be a lesbian. Ill-suited to her role as a fairytale princess, Les leaves the kingdom of Generica to search for adventure. Along the way, she makes friends in unlikely places, fights dragons, finds her true love, and discovers her own indomitable strength.

Never After is an original musical comedy screenplay by local writer/composer Colleen Campbell. We will be presenting it in concert form, with minimal staging.


Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 8pm

Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 3pm (matinee!)


Never After was presented at The Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Square, Somerville.



Jenner, the King

Genevieve, the Queen


Insipia, an older fairy

Fumbrella, a young fairy

Dorquest, an odd fairy

Hexasper, a conniving fairy

Les, a princess

Hans, a stable boy


Camembert, a prince

Robinson, an outlaw


Abiline, a peasant woman

Matthew, a blacksmith

Snooty Servant

Somnia, a princess

Mathilde, a noble's daughter

The Very Merry Men


Gilly Rosenthol

Frank Walker

Kamela Dolinova

John Olson

Andrea Humez

Cat Miller

Alice Piepenburg

Sonya Joyner

Cheryl Bellows

Santiago Rivas

Nellie Farrington

Andy Lebrun

Jason Merrill

Brian Boczenowski

Melanie Arzt

James Kostenblatt

Andy Gerst

Sara Fernandes

Erica Schultz

John Olson

Justin Werfel

Jacon Sommer

Andy Lebrun

Pete Kruskall

Andrew Gerst

Laurie Brunner

Kate Dahlgren

Catherine Dare

Elyse Hendrickson

Julia Lunetta

Lev Makhlis

Jessica Raine

Elise Ratchford

Matthew Sachs

Andrea Santarlasci

Jessica Viator

Judy Yen

Production Team

Writer / Composer


Stage Director

Musical Director

Technical Director

Rehearsal Assistant

Sound Designer

Sound Engineer

Lighting Designer

Lighting Engineer

Light Board Operator

Stage Manager

House Manager

Props Wrangler


Graphic Design

Publicity and Ad Sales

Colleen Campbell

Beckie Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter

Thom Whittemore

Jo Guthrie

Shelley MacAskill

Neil Marsh

Peter Olszowka

Giles Hall

David Gruber

Jo Guthrie

Shelley MacAskill

Chris DeKalb

Judy Yen

Victoria Richard

Gilly Rosenthol

Heidi Clark


Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Harp




Oboe, Tenor Sax

Clarinet, Alto Sax

Bass Clarinet, Bari Sax

Tenor Sax



Acoustic Guitar



Joseph Turbessi

Johanna Bobrow

David Tresner-Kirsch

Courtney Furno

Veronica Gross

Kelley Medcalf

Eric Mumpower

Martha Osler

David Osler

Pamela Madsen

Nick Bozard

Amy Sonnanstine

Mark Desrosiers

Rich Macci