At War

About The Directors:

Phoebe Roberts, writer and director of Like a Loss, is a Boston-area writer, director, actor, and model. Her major project is her theatrical series Mrs. Hawking, a series of Victorian action capers that asks "What if Sherlock Holmes were more like a lady Batman?" The first in the series, Mrs. Hawking, saw its debut performance as part of Arisia 2015 to great response. Both Mrs. Hawking and its sequel Vivat Regina have been seen staged readings at previous Bare Bones. The third installment in the series, Base Instruments, is slated for release later this year. More information can be found at the project's website,

Jess Viator, directing The Wheel, has just returned from completing the MLitt in Theatre Studies program at the University of Dundee in Scotland. While there she directed Zinnie Harris' The Panel, as well as her own, short children's play, The Giant with the Darkened Heart, at the Dundee Repertory Theatre. Some of her directing credits in Boston include Sherlock Holmes and The Sign of Four, and The Hound of the Baskervilles with the Post-Meridian Radio Players, and Will Eno's Tragedy: a Tragedy and Tom Stoppard's The 15-Minute Hamlet for Theatre@First. Jess is thrilled to direct a Bare Bones piece for Theatre@First again, and is especially grateful to J for her boundless patience.


ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 8pm.

Suggested Donation $5 — General Admission — No reservations required


Like a Loss and The Wheel were presented at Unity Somerville, 6 William St., Somerville.

The performance space is not wheelchair-accessible.

Parking on William St is by permit only. General parking is available on College Ave. Please read signs carefully to avoid ticketing.

Like a Loss

written and directed by Phoebe Roberts

Faithful batman Henry Chapman does not often pry into the personal matters of his employer, the decorated Colonel Reginald Prescott Hawking. But when some of his master's burdens seem to grow too great, Chapman attempts to understand why Colonel Hawking has chosen to endure conditions as they are.

As those familiar with the Mrs. Hawking play series know, one of its most intriguing mysteries is the figure of the Colonel, the late husband of our hero about whom she still harbors so much resentment and complicated feeling. In this ten-minute play, set seventeen years before Mrs. Hawking and Mary ever meet, we at last get to meet this much-discussed man, and gain some insight into the nature of his strange, tragic marriage to our hero.

Col. Reginald P. Hawking

Henry Chapman

Brad Smith

Eboracum Richter-Dahl

The Wheel

by Zinnie Harris

directed by Jess Viator

Beatriz and her sister Rosa are preparing for Rosa's wedding celebration, to be held on their Spanish farm sometime in the 19th Century, when they are interrupted by brash and demanding soldiers on their way to a war. The groom has been recruited, the wedding is ruined, and the soldiers take over the farm. A small girl enters the scene: the soldiers want to kill her or abandon her, but Beatriz decides to find the girl's deserter father, who is always just over the next hill. Beatriz and the girl, who does not speak, travel far and wide--and through the history of modern warfare--and encounter all the sinister, pathetic and desperate people that war creates.


Rosa / Jacques / Thi

Pedro / Colline / Pierre / Glennister / Clement

Tomas / Madame / Hancock / Farshad

Sargento / Rossignol / Jozka

Moreno / Blandine / Hanna / Xuan

Ala Solsvig

Karina Wen

Dan Wilson

Joye Thaller

Jacob Sommer

Masha Sten-Clanton

Production Team

Program Director

Asst. Program Director

Stage Manager

J. Deschene

Elizabeth Hunter

Leslie Drescher