Land Acknowledgement

Theatre@First rehearses and performs on the ancestral land of the Pawtucket and Massachusett tribal nations. We honor these communities and the elders of these nations—past, present, and future—and recognize the enduring relationships between Indigenous and Native communities and their traditional territories. We extend our respect to citizens of these nations who live here now, to their ancestors who have lived here for over five hundred generations, and to all Indigenous people.

We affirm that this acknowledgement is insufficient. It does not undo the harm that has been done through violence and injustice over the past 400 years and that continues today. We recognize that land acknowledgements are only a small yet important step towards ensuring a culture of respect, truth, and accountability in our community.

We commit ourselves to working toward a greater understanding of our relationship with this land and its people, and to sharing this growing understanding with the Theatre@First participants and audience.

About Theatre@First

The mission of Theatre@First is to work together to provide a fun, friendly, and creative theater experience for cast, crew, and audience alike. We welcome volunteers at all levels of experience and offer a supportive environment in which to work, play, grow, and explore new areas of the theater arts. We offer affordable and eclectic entertainment to the community, aiming to surprise, delight, entertain, and educate our audiences.

We fill an important niche in the vibrant Davis Square arts scene, drawing upon the talents and contributions of individuals and organizations throughout the community to provide a venue for thought-provoking and entertaining performing arts for all those who love to be on either side of the curtain.

Each production we undertake is the dream of someone in our community. When you support Theatre@First you make these dreams a reality for our participants and the wider community. Please help us to continue this work through your generous donations.

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For just $50 a year you receive one free admission to each of our shows. Subscriptions are not tax deductible, as the value of the tickets you receive exceeds the subscription price. 

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Theatre@First is part of the Massachusetts Community Theatre Corporation, a Massachusetts non-profit corporation that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are an all-volunteer organization and every penny you give supports the shows we produce. 

Special Thanks Elizabeth Hunter and Beckie Hunter for all they do. Shelley MacAskill and Stephanie Haddad for their expertise. Elizabeth Ross for materials and advice in constructing the mastodon. Bryce Taylor for materials and expertise in mastodon/other costumes Hobbit for his gear and help with lighting. Nick Calow for his help with load-in and lighting. Sanjana Manghnani for setup and lighting. Arlington Friends of the Drama for loaning gear. Jeremy Behrle for help in programming the light board. Jamie Lin for being an awesome EDI coordinator. Rev. Betty Walker and Unity Somerville. 

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Performance dates: June 8-9, 15-16 and 22-23. (Rain Dates: June 29-30)

Director's Note

I discovered this script on the New Play Exchange while I was a temporary administrative assistant, just like the Jess who is the protagonist in The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons. At the time I felt similarly aimless and dispirited–I was going through the motions of my actual job while it became more and more clear to me that achieving my dream job (professional theater director) was not a possibility. I knew I was making an impractical choice when I decided to pursue directing. (You should have seen the face my father made when I told him I had changed my major from computer science to theater!) Like Jess, I did not fully understand the repercussions of that choice.

Of course, Jess’s transformation into a mastodon is about more than employment. Becoming a mastodon is a symbol for following a non-traditional and "impractical" path. In this magically altered world where anything goes, there are still norms and unspoken rules you are supposed to follow, and if you defy them, you are ostracized, or worse. There are supposedly limitless possibilities but in actuality, when Jess assumes a physical form that is exactly right for her, she literally does not fit.

I have learned in recent years that what Delores says is true, "Vocation doesn't just mean job. It comes from the Latin vocationem: a spiritual calling." Like the Jess in the script, I will continue to follow my spiritual calling while existing in a sometimes hostile world. I will also do what I can to encourage a world where everyone feels safe and supported enough to become mastodons.

--Jess Viator

Cast and Crew

Samantha Amodeo (she/her, Costume Designer) is a long-time dabbler in theater, working on productions with T@F as costumer, actor, and stage crew since 2014. She previously designed costumes for The Spanish Tragedy and Burning, and most recently appeared onstage as Anya in The Cherry Orchard. She is a web developer by day.

Meg Boeni (she/her, Set Designer) usually lurks backstage as a propmaster, makeup artist, and set designer, but occasionally acts. Notable credits include Dream Role PlayersAs You Like It (Rosalind), Longwood PlayersThe Pirates of Penzance (propmaster), and several T@F stints as technical director. Meg also performs locally as drag king Flash Flood. Thanks to Jess, Katie, and Xuan Li for holding us all together!

Juan José Boschetti (he/him/they/them, Buster) is super excited to be jumping back into theater with his first production at T@F as Buster! Some of Juan's previous credits include roles such as Ensemble (Gentleman's Guide), Man (the one hears heart) (tell-tale heart), Bingley (Pride and Prejudice), Dusty (Bethel park Falls). When not rehearsing Juan enjoys making coffee, cooking food for his GF and Playing Minecraft & DND with their Friends, Juan would like to thank Violet for giving him knowledge on the great world of Boston auditions and they WISH you all have a great time watching the show!

Catherine Bromberg (she/her, Dolores) is beyond thrilled to return to T@F for Mastodons, and is sure this is exactly where she was meant to benice and safe and cozy. Previous T@F productions include Antigone & Medea, The Magic Fire, The Eagle and the Cactus (staged reading), and a Boston Theatre Marathon appearance under the direction of the immensely talented and deeply missed Jaie Deschene. Catherine has appeared extensively with The Post Meridian Radio Players and less extensively with Theatre to Go and Wax Wings Productions. Catherine also sings with the Balkan music band Zdravets and is extremely grateful for her awesome family and friends—who are also family—for supporting her passion for coming out to play.

Kathy-Ann Cadogan (she/her, Ensemble) is in her first production with T@F, and she’s enjoying every step of the adventure! When she’s not in rehearsal pretending to be a “fantastical, incredible creature” she enjoys ballroom dance, aerial hoop and jumping out of perfectly good planes.

Jeanne Callinan (she/her, Makeup Lead) has been doing makeup for community theater for more years than she’d like to admit. It’s very good to be back at T@F. She’s worked in Arlington Friends of the Drama (One Slight Hitch, Light Up The Sky), Quannapowitt Players (Night Watch) and Concord Players (Brighton Beach Memoirs). She’s very grateful for her husband, Charlie, who no longer bats an eye when she says “I’m doing another show!”

Katie Carroll (she/her, Technical Director) is excited to be working on her 16th show with T@F! Some past favorites are: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Mousetrap, Revenger's Tragedy and Eurydice. So much love to Mack for wrangling Owen while I helped build a fantastical world.

Audra Congress (she/her, Props Manager/Stage Crew) is excited to working with T@F for the first time, buzzing with excitement as props master. She's reigniting her theater love, a flame first sparked at Palm Springs High as crew and props master. Offstage, she's a UX researcher by day and a cosplay enthusiast at conventions and Steampunk festivals by night.

Lily Danieri (she/her, Ensemble) is in her first show with T@F, and her first show since high school! She’s grateful for the cast and crew of Mastodons, for making her first show back so fun, and her lovely friends and family for all their support. 

Alex Gorowara (he/him, Pat) is excited for his first performance with T@F, and his first full-stage performance since college! He works as a Software Engineer by day, and enjoys table-top and live-action roleplaying games on nights and weekends.

Vivian Greenberg (they/them, Inga) appeared in the T@F Myths and Legends festival, and got bitten by the community theatre bug! They've been doing theatre since they were five years old, and are so excited to play Inga! In their spare time, they write creepy children's stories, crochet, and bike.

Becki Greene (she/her, Ensemble) is glad to be working with T@F again, having first performed with the company in Metamorphoses back in 2016! Favorite recent roles include Emily Webb from Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, Millie Martindale in Perfect Arrangement by Topher Payne, and Judith in Bill Cain’s Equivocation. When not onstage she is working as an event and program manager at Beverly Main Streets, creating art, or hanging out with her cats. 

Byron Harvey (he/him, Ensemble) is making his first T@F appearance. Byron runs a travel company called Ballpark Travel, and in his spare time enjoys traveling (obviously) as well as playing guitar, reading, writing, and learning saxophone and piano. 

Lauren Kimball (she/her, Ensemble) is often found in front of house at T@F, most recently as House Manager for Web of Murder, Festival 11 and the upcoming spring show Marian. This is her first onstage performance in many, many years and she is thrilled to be part of such a unique production.

Natalie Le (she/her, Tracy) is thrilled to make her acting debut at T@F! When she isn't onstage, Natalie enjoys running, reading, and geeking out on interior design. She'd like to thank her friends and family for their support, as well her 15-year-old dog Coconut for always being the goodest boy (HBD Coco!).

Xuan Li Leong (she/her, Stage Manager) did stage lighting in Urbana-Champaign (2015-2017), where she attended college. Before that, she was in Singapore, and produced Make/Space theatre's first play, Flicker (2015). She's dabbled in concert lighting, rigging, directing... any excuse to be near theatre, really. There's an unparalleled joy in building worlds with others - and in you being here, experiencing it with her.

Angele Maraj (she/her, Jess) is a theatre performer, writer and composer whose previous roles include: Michal in Beloved King: A Queer Bible Musical, Two in hang (Exiled Theatre), and Greek Chorus in Antigone & Medea (T@F, virtual). She is also the co-creator of the new musical Once Upon a Carnival. Outside of her theatrical pursuits, Angele is a career coachsorry, "vocational advisor"and spends her free time chilling in Savin Hill with her husband James, their cat Kida, and their dog Cocorite.

Patrick Neal (he/him, Clarence/Clint) has previously performed with T@F as Petya in The Cherry Orchard, the Duchess in The Revenger's Tragedy, and monster crew in She Kills Monsters. He would like to remind you to eat your vegetables and floss regularly.

Daniel "Rourkie" O'Rourke (they/them, Sound Designer) has had experience both on and off the stage acting and as production staff in regional theaters in MA, CT and PA. When they aren't writing music, Rourkie enjoys LARPing, hiking, tabletop gaming, and showing off their cooking skills on Instagram!

Emily Osterloh (she/her, Publicity Manager) is excited to return to T@F. She previously stage-managed Macbeth, and recently completed her Master’s at WPI, so she can do theatre again! Her last publicity endeavor was for LOVE/SICK at WPI. She sends love to her roomie, to Sybil the cat, and to her family, for being her rocks.

Micah Pflaum (she/her, Assistant Director) is a recent graduate of Skidmore College, having written and directed Destination Unknown for the Playwright's Lab. She currently works Front of House at The Huntington.

Santiago Rivas (he/him, Producer) has been a veteran of T@F since 2005 and has been involved in Shakespeare, Bare Bones, musicals, and 24-hour productions. He is grateful to make his debut as producer as he is lucky to have such a great crew. Many thanks to the Fabulous Redhead, the Mighty Gingerkat and the Commander Xander for their continuing support as he begins his 20th season.

Gilly Rosenthal (she/her, Graphic Design) has been with T@F since their second show in 2004, as an actor, director, and graphic designer. This is, however, the first time in her long career that she has had the opportunity to create an illustration of a colorful mastodon.

Audrey Seraphin (she/her, Ensemble) is delighted to make her T@F debut! Her theatrical work has been seen most recently at The Front Porch Arts Collective (Director, Holiday Feast), Chuang Stage (Props Designer, The Fortune Teller), and Westford Academy Theatre Arts (Director, Dance Nation). Audrey is a lifelong Massachusettsan who serves as the Program Manager for Regional Grants & Initiatives at New England Foundation for the Arts. When she's not working to improve access to the arts, she can be found on her couch with her senior dog Squirrel, cross-stitching while watching reality TV (ideally with a glass of wine).

David Silber (he/his, Lighting Designer) is enjoying watching Mastodons evolve, but is terrible at writing a bio.

Jacob Sommer (he/his, House Manager) is pleased to be working with Theater@First for the first time in nearly a decade. His nine year mission—There was no nine year mission. Please enjoy the biscuits.

Lilian Taylor (she/her, Props Designer/Stage Crew) can’t believe her luck! A freelance designer based in Cambridge, she’s finally living out her long-dormant dream of working in theater. This is her first (but hopefully not last) production with T@F. 

Chloe Trepanier (she/her, Assistant Lighting Designer) is in her second production with Theatre@First, and she’s so excited to work with them again! In college, she went from light designer turned technical director turned Chairperson for the UMass Theatre Guild, working on productions such as Legally Blonde, Chicago, and Proof. When she’s not working backstage, she’s admiring her cat, Bella, traveling to a new national park, or biking through Boston.

Jess Viator (she/her, Director) has been working with Theatre@First for 14 years now! She has a BA in Performance/ Directing from Franklin Pierce University, and an MLitt in Theatre Studies from the University of Dundee, where she wrote and directed several pieces in collaboration with the Dundee Repertory Theater. Now in Boston, she has been directing in the independent and community theater scene. With Theater@First she previously directed Anton in Show Business, and staged readings of Zinnie Harris’ The Wheel, Will Eno’s Tragedy: a Tragedy, and local playwright Inez Hedges’ The Eagle and the Cactus. With the Post-Meridian Radio Players, she directed Plan 9 from Outer Space, Peter Pan, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde. She has also worked in various capacities with Apollinaire, Hub Theatre Company, Happy Medium Theatre, and has directed many short plays for many short play festivals.